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Straight Economic

Magnetic exhibition wall systems are easy to use and mobile. They are ideal for conferences, symposia or during promotional campaigns.  

Straight Economic Walls are a compact exhibition solution. On the one hand, they provide an excellent advertising space. On the other hand, they are very affordable, which in combination makes them one of the most attractive forms of company promotion at fairs. Economic Walls feature an innovative design with the use of magnetic strips. Thanks to these modern elements - you can easily attach any graphics, and if necessary - quickly remove and replace them.

It takes just a few minutes to set up the wall and the entire system easily fits in the trunk of the car. 

  • Stable and durable structure with magnetic strips for attaching the graphics
  • Optical enlargement of the advertising space thanks to side graphic panels and the possibility of planning two-sided graphics
  • Multiple applications - interchangeable graphics panels with magnetic tapes
  • The effect is achieved in a few minutes - a structure that is quick to set up and magnetic attachments guarantee quick and easy assembly
  • Mobility - the system after folding will fit in the trunk of the car

Available dimensions - straight wall:

  • 210x223 cm
  • 285x223 cm
  • 360x223 cm